“It is Richard Bunkall’s masterly painting that engages the viewer’s eye. The gritty texture of these surfaces creates its own compelling reality and draws us into spaces that otherwise would seem distant and improbable. Bunkall reaches back into a rich storehouse of historical, architectural and literary reference and brings it forward into the immediate experience where we find ourselves gathered into their embrace. The artist’s passion for his medium is intensified by his understated palette and the restraint of formal composition.”

Peter Clothier, Author and Art Critic

“Richard Bunkall made heroic art, alive with big ideas exquisitely articulated in the language of painting, metaphor and allegory. For Richard, art was not something he did for a living, art was who he was.”

David Brown, President, Art Center College of Design 1985 – 1999

“Richard Bunkall’s Masterworks are declarations of love and wonder, pictures of a place in the mind (or, if you would, the heart) where phenomena Bunkall admired and adored have been gathered to make poetry with one another. That statuary may expose the pretense of our species, but it also exposes our undying drive to better ourselves and our universe – and to do so in respect and awe.”

—Peter Frank, Author, Curator and Art Critic